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Testbed Questionnaire

The testbed questionnaire was available until December 15th 2006 and is now offline. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaire. The testbed team is very happy with both the quantity and quality of responses and will take them into careful consideration during the design and implementation of the PLANETS Testbed.

The Questions

The following questions appeared in the Testbed Questionnaire. If you have any questions about the questionnaire or would like to contact the testbed team please e-mail

1. What kinds of experiments would you like to undertake through the PLANETS Testbed? If possible please supply a short description of your experiment scenario(s) and an idea of the expected outcomes.

2. What sorts of preservation approaches or strategies might your experiments involve? (E.g. migration, emulation, evaluation of a preservation plan, testing of a characterisation tool)

3. What types of records willl your experiments involve? (E.g. text documents, databases, multimedia files, scientific datasets) And in what particular formats are these records? (E.g. Microsoft Excel, PDF, e-mail with attachments)

4. If applicable, what is the estimated number of records on which you will be experimenting? What will be the typical size of a record? (e.g. 1MB, 8KB)

5. If your experiments can be broken down into a series of tasks, stages or workflows can you give an example of what these may be?

6. The records on which your experiments will be undertaken may (upon your approval) be stored within the PLANETS Testbed environment and used for other experiments. Are there any legal issues relating to the transferral and storage of your records?

7. If you have any other comments about what you would like from the PLANETS Testbed that have not been covered above please write them below.