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Report based on DT7 Questionnaire

Posted on 22nd June 2009
This specific deliverable DT/7-D4 (“Report based on DT/7 questionnaire”) is concerned with the results of a questionnaire deployed to researchers at Aarhus University. It provides insight from a larger sample into findings elicited from a series of probes conducted during the first phase of the work package. [PDF, 1119KB]
The use of emulation and virtualization in the context of digital preservation is an area that needs more detailed exploration. Previous work has scratched the surface of this problem, but does not provide all the answers. It is for this reason that the partners of PA/5 decided to conduct a number of case studies. The purpose of the first iteration of these case studies is to explore the use of emulation/virtualization as a preservation approach and to perform experiments using digital content from real life collections provided by the Planets partners. [PDF, 1146KB]

Report on Academic Research Practices

Posted on 19th March 2010
A new report summarising the findings of qualitative interviews conducted with researchers at the University of Glasgow is available to download.

The report sheds light on how researchers communicate; what researchers consider must be preserved, why and how and who is responsible.

These latest findings build on a quantitative study by the State Library of Denmark of 400 researchers at Aarhus University which was released in June 2009.

In depth interviews were carried out at the University of Glasgow with almost 20 academics in disciplines ranging from English, Social History and Philosophy to Health Sciences, Biodiversity and Astronomy.
[PDF, 490KB]

Report on Comparison of Planets with OAIS

Posted on 6th November 2007
The OAIS, which provides a high level digital repository framework, describes processes such as monitoring of technology, planning for preservation activies and migrating obsolete objects. These will become essential if digial collections are to be kept accessible and usable. The Preservation Planning module of OAIS is the least well tested via practical implementation, therefore creating a degree of clarity and detail of these elements. While the Planets approach is certainly not at odds with OAIS on preservation, this report details some key areas where clarification is required and also where the level of detail needs to be expanded. [PDF, 366KB]
Planets deliverable PC5-D1 outlined a selection of core research areas for characterisation of
digital art materials for preservation. This report explores some of these in greater detail, and
reflects increasingly on existing trends and approaches within the creative curatorial domain. [PDF, 343KB]
This document contains a report on the status of the Planets glossary and of the Planets preservation action registry. The report on the Planets glossary and PA tool registry will offer an overview of the current status of the deliverables, the subsequent steps to be taken, risks that could hinder on time delivery and consequences of delays for other workpackages. [PDF, 366KB]
This document contains a report on the progress of the Planets Preservation Action tool registry and Planets glossary. The report on the PA tool registry and Planets glossary will provide an overview of the current status of the deliverables, the subsequent steps to be taken, risks that could hinder on time delivery, and consequences of delays for other workpackages. [PDF, 376KB]
This document describes the integration of services into the next two iterations of the Planets preservation planning tool, Plato.

We outline the underlying principles and the workflow that is implemented by the tool, and then provide an overview of integration points where services are being connected to the workflow.
[PDF, 1279KB]
This last deliverable of work-package PP2 reports on the final version of a conceptual model for expressing the core concepts and requirements that appear in the digital preservation context. In addition, we present a machine-interpretable XML representation to support automated preservation planning tools. [PDF, 1518KB]

Report on the Planets Functional Model

Posted on 23rd March 2010
This document is an updated version of the Report on Comparison of Planets with OAIS1, originally published as PP7/D12 in 2007. [PDF, 4456KB]

Report on tool and service approach

Posted on 3rd October 2007
This report describes the current practice in the use of migration tools at a number of national libraries and archives which are participants of Planets. It identifies the common problems and proposes ways to improve the tools. [PDF, 692KB]
This report outlines the results of the second iteration of a user study. The user study was targeted to identify user requirements for preservation of digital documents, records and data sets. User requirements are modelled in a user requirement model that can be used in a broader requirements model for digital preservation. [PDF, 525KB]
This document contains a report on the status of the PTDL language, the blueprint and the gap analysis, as well as an overview of the position of these three deliverables within the PLANETS project. [PDF, 194KB]

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