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Hannes Kulovits, Vienna University of Technology, delivered this workshop presentation at the Planning the Future with Planets preservation tutorial at the Austrian Computer Society on 15 April 2008. The slides provide a practical introduction to the process of creating a preservation plan using the Planets Plato tool. [PDF, 206KB]
This presentation describes an analysis of how preservation services interact and use digital preservation metadata and how a data dictionary is developed to support them.

The presentation relates to the paper Implementing Metadata that Guides Digital Preservation Services by Angela Dappert and Adam Farquhar (The British Library), presented at iPres2009, 5-6 October 2009, in San Francisco, California, by Angela Dappert. [PDF, 399KB]

Integrating Planets and Fedora Commons

Posted on 11th August 2010
The State and University Library, Denmark holds some of the oldest sound recordings in the world. The Library has a legal responsibility to preserve these media which need to be digitised as some of the originals are fragile, and in some case, no longer playable. The archive is a valuable and well-used source for research and education.

The Library is implementing a new Digital Object Management System (DOMS), with Fedora Commons at its core, to replace over forty legacy repositories in its digital collection. This case study considers how the Library will first characterise and validate the wide variety of file formats, using Planets, so they can be permitted to be stored in DOMS for long-term preservation. [PDF, 1862KB]

Introduction to Digital Preservation

Posted on 26th May 2009
In this presentation Manfred Thaller (University at Cologne) gives an overview of the issues in digital preservation. The presentation was delivered during the joint DPE/Planets/CASPAR/nestor training event, ‘The Preservation challenge: basic concepts and practical applications’ in Barcelona, 23-26 March 2009. [PDF, 781KB]

Introduction to Planets

Posted on 27th September 2007
This is a presentation by Helen Hockx-Yu given at the 2nd Planets, CASPAR and DPE annual conference, held on 5-6 September 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal. The presentation covers the aims and objectives of the project and outlines Planets’ approach to digital preservation. It also contains a summary of Planets’ progress to date and highlights the key deliverables by November 2008. [PPT, 564KB]

Introduction to Planets

Posted on 4th August 2008
This presentation was made by Andreas Rauber, University of Vienna, at Digital Preservation Planning: Principles, Examples and the Future with Planets, British Library Conference Centre, London, 29th July 2008. The presentation introduces workshop participants to the project and its technology, key features of the Planets framework and the tools and services that the project will deliver. [PDF, 1269KB]

Introduction to Planets

Posted on 14th May 2009
Hans Hofman ((Nationaal Archief Netherlands) introduced and presented the Planets project at the WePreserve Forum 2009 in Barcelona on 27 March 2009. [PDF, 455KB]

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