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Andreas Rauber, Vienna University of Technology, gave this presentation at the Planning the Future with Planets preservation tutorial at the Austrian Computer Society on 14 April 2008. The slides set out the OAIS preservation planning function; Preservation Planning alerts; a model for translating policy into action; an introduction to preservation planning workflow and the Planets preservation planning tool, Plato. [PDF, 417KB]
Andreas Rauber (University of Vienna) presented Hoppla at DigCCurr 2009 in Chapel Hill, USA, on 1-3 April 2009.
The Hoppla archiving system provides digital preservation solutions specifically for small institutions and offices. It hides the technical complexity of digital preservation challenges by providing automated services based on established best practice examples. Appropriate preservation strategies and required tools for the collection are delivered via a web service, effectively outsourcing the required digital preservation expertise. [PDF, 219KB]

How to Choose a Digital Preservation Strategy: Evaluating a Preservation Planning Procedure
Stephan Strodl, Christoph Becker, Robert Neumayer and Andreas Rauber (Vienna University of Technology)

Posted on 7th September 2007
Abstract: "An increasing number of institutions throughout the world face legal obligations or business needs to collect and preserve digital objects over several decades. A range of tools exists today to support the variety of preservation strategies such as migration or emulation. Yet, different preservation requirements across institutions and settings make the decision on which solution to implement very difficult.
This paper presents the Planets Preservation Planning approach. It provides a way to make informed and accountable decisions on which solution to implement in order to optimally preserve digital objects for a given purpose. It is based on Utility Analysis to evaluate the performance of various solutions against well-defined requirements and goals. The viability of this approach is shown in a range of case studies for different settings. We present its application to two scenarios of web archives, two collections of electronic publications, and a collection of multimedia art. This work focuses on the different requirements and goals in the various preservation settings."

The paper was accepted for a presentation at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2007, which was held on June 18-23 2007 in Victoria, Canada

In: JCDL’07, June 18–23, 2007, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Copyright 2007 ACM 978-1-59593-644-8/07/0006

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