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This report is the final iteration of the Gap Analysis in Tool Provision. All previous iterations come together in this release. The gap analysis has made it possible to identify gaps in tool provision for digital preservation. The results of the analysis provide an important insight into the status of digital preservation and the status of digitization. [DOC, 350KB]
Through analysis of a survey of the used file formats at cultural heritage institutions an inventory of preservation action tools has been made and the areas where tools are missing identified. The report provides an important insight into the status of digital preservation and of digitization, and it helps to identify the need for new research and development of new tools. [PDF, 271KB]
This presentation was made by Natalie Walters, Wellcome Library, at Digital Preservation Planning: Principles, Examples and the Future with Planets, British Library Conference Centre, London, 29th July 2008. The presentation discusses the experiences of The Wellcome Library in working with born digital material, and the approach taken by the library whereby Archivists are taking the lead in this. It also includes a progress report on the procurement of the library's Digital Object Repository, which is currently ongoing. [PDF, 480KB]
The report presents the findings of interviews with over 76 civil servants in 17 Government agencies in the Netherlands and Belgium. It aims to establish how communication and information are created, managed, shared and preserved in Government settings, and to provide information managers with insights into issues to be addressed with recommendations. The report is a parallel study to the qualitative research carried out in academic communities with 400 researchers at University of Aarhus [see report] and interviews with 18 researchers at Glasgow University [see report]. [PDF, 699KB]
The document describes the API and functionality of the Planets workflow execution engine (WEE) version 2. It provides an overview of the main components, the public interfaces, and describe how it is utilized through the Workflow Control Panel (WCP). The document specifically provides user documentation for configuring, deploying, and accessing Planets workflow templates. [PDF, 830KB]

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