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During this presentation Manfred Thaller (University at Cologne) describes the principle of file formats and discusses what formats to choose for what. With Planets as an example he shows what a consistently dynamic approach looks like, when trying to evaluate the performance of migration tools moving from one format to another, based on automatic analysis of the characteristics of files. He concludes his presentation with some thoughts about which characteristics of digital files do not reside in the file, but in the software which is used to display it and how the approaches discussed before can be extended to take care of these problems. The presentation was delivered during the joint DPE/Planets/CASPAR/nestor training event, ‘The Preservation challenge: basic concepts and practical applications’ in Barcelona, 23-26 March 2009. [PDF, 630KB]
This report outlines the results of the third (and final) iteration of a user study. The user study study was targetted to identify user requirements for preservation of digital documents, records and data sets. User requirements are modelled in a user requirements model that can be used in a broader requirements model for digital preservation. [PDF, 174KB]

Final XCDL Specification

Posted on 3rd July 2008
This document describes the status of the XCDL development in May 2008. It contains a reference to the language, but also an introduction into the creation (and interpretation) of XCDL-documents. Both parts should also enable the reader to develop XCDL-aware software. [PDF, 399KB]

First Version of Grate

Posted on 2nd March 2009
This deliverable describes the first version of GRATE (Global Remote Access To Emulation services), one of the tools for environments in PA/5, which allows access to emulation processes run remotely via a network.

This document is intended for both project participants and technical specialists. [PDF, 542KB]
This document describes a strategy, framework and workflow for testing emulation within the Planets Project. It considers the purposes of emulation and emulation testing, the strategies that can be pursued to implement and to evaluate the results of testing. It also includes discussions of the many technical, organisational and other issues which need to be taken into account. [PDF, 299KB]

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