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This report documents the methodology and results of a feasibility study. [PDF, 873KB]
This presentation was given by Jean-Marc Comment, The Swiss Federal Archives, at the International Workshop on Digital Preservation of Heritage and Research Issues in Archiving and Retrieval (IWDPH 2007) which took place in Kolkata, India on 29-31 October 2007.

The presentation gives an overview of the project, its aims and objectives, and involved partners. It also presents the progress so far and goals to be reached within the next 18 months. Finally it describes the Swiss Federal Archives' work within the Planets project. [PDF, 440KB]


Posted on 4th August 2008
This presentation was made by Manfred Thaller, University of Cologne, at Digital Preservation Planning: Principles, Examples and the Future with Planets, British Library Conference Centre, London, 29th July 2008. Extracting characteristics from files is the base line for the automatic handling of a number of important steps in preservation, notably when connected to the evaluation of the quality of migration tools and the automated evaluation of migrations. Planets produces a consistently dynamic approach here, which uses two formal languages to (a) translate format specifications into a machine interpretable language, which allows general purpose software to extract properties from a large number of file formats, and, (b) to map the content of files encoded in a different model into a common content model, which allows automated comparison of the content of two files encoded in different file formats. This presentation concludes with some initial remarks, how this approach can be extended to cover rendering characteristics, which do NOT reside in the files themselves. [PDF, 3516KB]

Characterisation in Planets

Posted on 16th April 2008
Adrian Brown, The National Archives, gave this presentation at the workshop "What to preserve? Significant Properties of Digital Objects" which was jointly organised by JISC, the British Library and the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) on 7 April 2008.
In the presentation Adrian Brown gives an overview of Planets and its research in the field preservation characterisation. He also describes representation properties and significant properties as well as the different tools used for preservation characterisation. [PDF, 1511KB]
Manfred Thaller, University of Cologne, gave a presentation on Preservation Characterization at the Tools & Trends conference at National Library of the Netherlands on 1-2 November 2007.

The slides support a highly technical presentation on how characterization of file formats can be done by using the XCEL (eXtensible Characterisation Extraction Language). [PDF, 571KB]

Collaboration in Training Provision

Posted on 19th May 2008
This is a presentation by Joy Davidson, Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, given at the 2nd Planets, CASPAR and DPE annual conference, held on 5-6 September 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal. The presentation outlines reasons and motivations for collaboration on training activities in Planets, DPE and CASPAR. Topics/themes and objectives for training as well as methods are also mentioned. Promotion, branding and challenges in joining efforts are covered too. [PDF, 85KB]

Considering the User Perspective: Research into Usage and Communication of Digital Information

Posted on 16th May 2008
Taken from the abstract: "In this article we present the methodology and initial results from qualitative research into the usage and communication of digital information. It considers the motivation for the research and the methodologies adopted, including Contextual Design and Cultural Probes. The article describes the preliminary studies conducted to test the approach, highlighting the strengths and limitations of the techniques applied. Finally, it outlines proposals for refinement in subsequent iterations and the future research activities planned. The research is carried out as part of the Planets (Preservation and Long-term Access through NETworked Services) project."
Read the article in D-LIB Magazine
This document describes the consolidated release of the Planets Interoperability Framework (IF) and should serve as a Reference Manual for that work. [PDF, 546KB]
This presentation was made by Matthew Woollard, UK Data Archive, at Digital Preservation Planning: Principles, Examples and the Future with Planets, British Library Conference Centre, London, 29th July 2008. The UK Data Archive has been acquiring, ingesting, disseminating and preserving social science data on behalf of the Economic and Social Research Council for over 40 years. The first formal preservation policy was published in 2003 and revised in 2005. These versions of the policy were informed more by internal practice than by outside influences. A complete revision of the policy occured in late 2007 and a new policy has been written and is in the process of implementation. This presentation outlines the main influences on the redefinition of this policy and some of the decision-making processes which have led to it. [PDF, 377KB]

Content Characterisation in Planets

Posted on 27th September 2007
This is a presentation by Adrian Brown, The National Archives UK, given at the 2nd Planets, CASPAR and DPE annual conference, held on 5-6 September 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal. Tools and services are being developed within Planets to characterise the significant properties of digital objects, which are necessary to support the development of preservation plans and validate preservation actions (evaluating change). The presentation covers achievements to date and provides technical details on the characterisation registry, the Extensible Characterisation Description Language (XCDL) and the Extensible Characterisation Extraction Language (XCEL), and the registry-driven characterisation tool framework. [PPT, 1342KB]
This document details the software requirements for the Planets Core Registry
versions 2.1. The core registry incorporates the functionality of both the
Preservation Action Tool Registry and the Preservation Characterisation Registry.
Note that the previous release of the Core Registry (V2) was also known as
Planets Core Registry V2, the Planets Technical Registry and PRONOM 7. [PDF, 801KB]

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